Boom at Bass Pro Continues

From the Livingston Parish Business Journal – July 2, 2015

Carlisle FINALOne of the last remaining corners for Riverside Landing at Bass Pro Shops has been scooped up by the Carlisle Place Development, LLC. The local developer recently announced they will add a very visible 44,000 square foot modern four-story mixed-use building at the entrance on Range Ave. and Bass Pro Blvd.

The building will include retail space on the first floor and will be topped with three floors of high quality office space and will include an international movie production with 11,400 square foot on the fourth floor. It will be the tallest building in Denham Springs and Livingston Parish to date and will have a panoramic view of the area.

Award-winning architectural firm Remson Haley Herpin Architects (RHHA ) was chosen as the design team and Lemoine Construction will be the contractors.

“Carlisle Place Development’s owners asked us to create an iconic building that would reflect the growth and promise of the area. Capturing the right image for the property was very important to them,” said Chris Remson, principal for Remson Haley Herpin (RHHA).

“It was important that the building be cutting edge and modern, yet inviting for both tenants and customers,” Remson said. Pre-construction preparation on the property has begun, and the building is expected to be completed in spring 2016.

Access to the second through fourth floors will be provided at the Range Avenue entrance and will include main and elevator access to the offices. A U. S.-based movie company has committed to locate the new state-of-the-art pre-production, post production, marketing and sales department in the new building, creating 20-30 jobs for local people.

The fourth floor studio will have a 20 seat mini theater with latest in projection to view dailies during production and to view intermediate and production cuts. Other production companies would be able to collaborate in the studio and to use it when available.

Creating a new space for Carlisle Place Development and the movie studio is “icing on the cake” according to Remson, who is excited by the challenge and said “we have been engaged in film production projects in the past and have found the people associated with them to be some of our most fun and interesting clients.” “We are very excited to be a part of this project team and look forward to creating a truly memorable place,” said Remson.

“It is a very beautiful building from private investors, a very important addition to enhance the beauty of our city, and this kind of development positively affects how citizens feel about their city,” said Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry, adding that retail tax revenue at the Bass Pro Development has been an economic driver that will continue to sustain the necessary positive growth of Denham Springs for many years to come.

“This will help attract more businesses and services and higher quality office complexes with better, higher paying jobs,” Landry said, enhancing reasons for people to live and work in their hometown.

“The height of the building assures that it will be visible from I-12 in both directions, and serve as a symbol of the prosperity of the area. It will be virtually impossible to travel through Denham Springs and not be aware of its presence,” said lead architect Remson.

“It was important that the building be cutting edge and modern, yet inviting for both tenants and customers,” Remson said. Pre-construction preparation on the property has begun, and the building is expected to be completed in spring 2016.

Demolition of the existing Highland Inn Hotel on Range Avenue at Bass Pro Boulevard will be followed by construction of the building to be named Carlisle Place on that space and the connecting corner pad being acquired from the original investor/developer E. Jacob Fa-Kouri.

“This is the continuation of the original vision for the Riverside Landing at Bass Pro Development, Phase I, and there are more announcements to come,” said Fa-Kouri, owner of E. Jacob Construction, Fa-Kouri Construction and several local businesses. “This is not a duplication of existing businesses. We continue to work to bring in what is not already in the area,” added Fa-Kouri.

Local Commercial Realtor, Joe G. Moore, is securing tenants now for the first 3 floors. Spaces on the ground floor will include a coffee shop or restaurant and two retail spaces for key tenants, according to Moore, who has been the primary commercial realtor for Jacob Fa-Kouri during the past six years, spearheading much of the fast track growth of the Bass Pro Development. The second floor will be developed for mixed use business types such as offices, medical and financial services.

“Some innovative opportunities will be afforded those tenants who want to own their space as business condos,” Moore said. Most tenants normally lease their space but as a retail or office condo owners, new occupants on the first through third floors will actually own their space. Parking maintenance, lighting and other property services will be shared through pro-rated association fees.
“This is a golden corner for business owners that want to take advantage of a prime location with over 3.2 million shoppers passing through the intersection on an annual basis,” he said.

While RHHA is well known in the Baton Rouge area, this will be their largest project in Livingston Parish to date and are excited about the opportunities that abound in this area. RHHA has created award-winning facilities for schools and universities, civic projects from libraries to recreational facilities, and many types of housing from multi-family to high end single family residences.

Since the opening of Bass Pro Shops in 2008, the Riverside Landing property at Range and Interstate 12 has seen continued growth by new retail and restaurant businesses including Sam’s Club, Cavender’s Western Wear, Longhorn Steakhouse, Hooter’s, Café Phoenicia, Hardees and many other restaurants and retail stores. More retail shops, hotels, entertainment venues and restaurants are slated for Phase 2 at Riverside Landing.

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